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(entrepreneurs, therapists, healers, helpers, coaches, counselors, energy + light workers, etc.) 

Let's talk some #TRUTHBOMBS

  • Women providers often set their rates based on what other people in their area are charging -- even if it's way under their worth! 

  • Women often find talking about fees/rates (money in general) stressful or 'icky'

  • Women have a habit of offering discounts/sliding scale rates before ever giving their clients the opportunity to buy into their healing/recovery/growth

  • Women often feel they have to "justify" or explain why their rates are what they are rather than simply standing in their worth

  • Women tend to ask for (and accept) lower rates (& salaries)

  • Women rarely (if ever) raise their rates -- despite often prioritizing their own growth, education, experience, knowledge, ability

I get it

We are wired to want to help others & are taught we should do things "out of the goodness of our hearts”


If You Truly Want To Help People You Will:

1) Give them the opportunity to fully buy in and step into their own growth, healing, recovery

2) Let your clients invest/buy in & take ownership of their own experience, process, growth, healing, recovery etc. 

3) Charge your worth-- because limiting yourself, limits what you are able to do with and for your clients (READ THAT AGAIN!) 

Is This Course For You?

* Have you ever thought, “ I don’t make enough for this”?

* Does charging a fee for your service or talking about money for your service stress you out?

*Are you a service provider thinking about raising your rates? Or do you struggle with raising your rates?

*Do you even remember the last time you actually did raise your rates?

*Do you price yourself/your services etc. based on what other people are charging?

*Are you constantly giving discounts or sliding scale rates on your service?

*Are you working crazy amounts of hours just to make ends meet?

*Is “money” the reason you say you “can’t” do or have what you truly desire?

*Do you have any “stuff” around money and getting paid your worth?

*Are you accepting every client that calls, even if they aren’t your Ideal Client ( or even if your gut tells you ‘no’)?

Then this is the course for you!

This course covers:

1) Money : Why it’s important, what people often miss, and raising your rates!

2) Mindset : We’re going to get clear on your mindset, where and what needs shifting and how to do that! You are going to get clear about and comfortable standing in (and accepting) your worth!

3) Movement: I’m going to walk you through some practical steps to get you moving toward your goals, dreams and desires!

This course is an incredible opportunity to kick-start your growth and movement!

How this course works:

Coaching videos and Live Q & A sessions will occur over in a private coaching group. You’ll be able to ask your questions live and/or submit them to be answered during the Q & A sessions. You’ll also have live support from @coachwithcassie as well as the other participants in the group and will be included in a private Facebook group.