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Empowerment + Transformation + Mindset Coach

Just Us…

VIP Coaching

You + Me Working Together = Big Things Can Happen.

All the benefits of 1:1 coaching, but we kick it up a notch. This is a year-long, high-level mentoring + coaching program for those hell-bent on leveling up.

What does VIP coaching look like? 

Coaching + Mentoring is a combination of gaining clarity, mapping out action, learning (and implementing) new skills, tools and techniques as well as being held accountable.

And the best thing? 1:1 coaching is customized for you!

It’s a whole lotta fun + a whole lotta stepping into things that maybe scare you--and making all of those things your “B”.  Don’t worry, I’m with you every step of the way.

VIP coaching is all about stepping up and living large! VIP Coaching packages are limited, so schedule a complimentary consultation today to learn more about our customized VIP packages.

Group Coaching Programs…

Level Up: Elite Coaching Program

Learn more about this intimate coaching group via the link below. 

Next Group Start Dates:

February 2020 (Feb. 10, 2020)

What this course covers:

- Gain clarity around what it is you want and truly desire!

- Identify Your Self-Limiting Beliefs, Self-Sabotaging Behaviors &

-Create clear strategies to move beyond them!

-Step into your true self by discovering and fully embracing your self-worth and confidence!

- Get clear about & communicate your truth, goals and desires!

-   Determine appropriate and empowered actions for you to take immediately!

- Learn & own your strengths to propel you forward!

-Custom EFT Tapping

-Pus Coaching Retreat!

- BONUS: Two 1:1 Coaching Sessions + Access to Bust Your B.S. Coaching Course (Included)

Money & Sales Mastery

Learn more about this coaching group via the link below. 

This course covers:

* Money : Why it’s important (and how it’s different for women/men), what people often miss, and raising your rates/asking for more…

*Mindset : Get clear on your mindset, where and what needs shifting and how to do that! You are going to get clear about and comfortable standing in (and accepting) your worth!

*Movement: I’m going to walk you through some practical steps to get you moving toward your goals, dreams and desires!

This course is an incredible opportunity to kick-start your growth and movement!

Goal Mastery Group Coaching Program

Next Group Starting Oct 28, 2019

What you’ll get:

·         Video Coaching

·         Customized EFT Tapping

·         Worksheet Assignments

·         Access to Supportive & Private Facebook Group

·         Online Support

·         Live Q + A Coaching Calls

DIY Coaching Program…

(At Your Own Pace)

6 Week “Bust Your B.S.” DIY Coaching Program

PSYCH-K® Sessions / Packages

Learn More about PSYCH-K® + Sessions / Packages below

PSYCH-K® sessions are available through Best U Institute and available to any gender/gender identification.

*PSYCH-K® Sessions must be done in-person, multiple locations are offered, for list of current and ‘pop-up’ locations check out the link below.