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Level Up:

Authentic Abundance Coaching Course

Empowering boss b*tches to step out of stagnation and into an abundant life that lights them up!

Create A Life & Biz You Love!

  • Have you ever felt like, “there has to be more than this” ?  

  • Are you frustrated/disheartened because you’ve been taking all the “right” steps but still feel stuck or stagnant?

  • Do you have a goal/dream or desire that you keep putting off or don’t know where (or how) to start?

  • Have you kept your goals, dreams and desires to yourself for far too long? Are you ready to claim them?

  •  Do you (or have you)consistently put others before yourself?

    Deep down, you know you are meant to make a greater impact in this world…

cassie gaub womens empowerment coach

Are You:

  • Ready to stop putting yourself on the back burner?

  • Sick of not getting results you want (or sick of not getting any results)?

  • Passionate about having/living a life that gives you energy and excites you

  • Ready to inspire others?

  • Ready to make leaps toward your goals/dreams/desires?

  • Hungry to be part of a supportive, high-vibe growth community of exceptional women like yourself?

Are you ready to start kickin’ butt & takin’ names?

Are you READY to start feeling passionate and excited about the life you're living?

Then, you’re in the right place! It’s time to step in to the greatness that is YOU!

 You + An Intimate Group of Amazing Women =

BIG things can happen!

If you are ready to:

   - Gain clarity around what it is you want and truly desire!

-Bring certainty to your life and/or your biz

- Identify Your Self-Limiting Beliefs, Self-Sabotaging Behaviors &

-Create clear strategies to move beyond them!

-Step into your true self by discovering and fully embracing your self-worth and confidence!

- Get clear about & communicate your truth, goals and desires!

-   Determine appropriate and empowered actions for you to take immediately!

- Learn & own your strengths to propel you forward!

-Embrace your empowered feminine energy to enhance your growth & successes

If you are finally ready to embrace the life you desire & deserve,

Then, this is the group for YOU!

Claim your spot in this amazing and inspiring group below!

The Breakdown:

Before the Course:

60 Minute Pre-Course Coaching Call

Week 1: Orientation

Meet the Ladies #LevelingUp

-Orientation and Clarity Packet

Connect, Share & Vulnerability Exercise

-Weekly Video Coaching

-Weekly Group Coaching Call


Week 2: Cut The B.S.

-Identify your beliefs, behaviors, & language that does not serve you

-Exclusive access to “Bust Your B.S” Course materials (a $225value!)

-Creating new awareness, attitudes & actions around anything no longer serving you

-Weekly Video Coaching

-Weekly Group Coaching Call


Week 3: Mindset & Integration Week #1

- Mindset Shifting Exercises + Resources

-Integration Week


Week 4: Daily Routines + Rituals

-Taking an inventory of your current routines (the good, the bad & the ugly)

-Cementing in new systems for more positive and proactive beliefs, actions, behaviors

- Creating a doable Daily Routine Plan of Action

Weekly Video Coaching

Weekly Group Coaching Call


Week 5: True Self

-Tapping in to your inner awesomeness (Plus, learn how EFT Tapping can work for you!)

-Identifying how your desires align within your integrity + Clarity Worksheet

-Outside Perspective Exercise & “I AM” worksheets (Holy Moly…this one’s incredible!)

Weekly Video Coaching

-Weekly Group Coaching Call

Week 6: Your Feminine Power for Growth & Success

-Embracing feminine energy to fuel your success and motivation

-What feminine energy means to and for YOU!!!

-Discovering how both feminine and masculine energy are part of your journey

-The Value of Self-Care and the badass that is fueling your creativity

-Weekly Video Coaching

Weekly Group Coaching Call

***NEW ADDITION: 3 Day Retreat Weekend! ***

Atlanta, Georgia

(A $2400 Value Alone!)

3 Day Retreat featuring:

- Amazing guest experts

- In-person PSYCH-K ® Sessions

- So Much More!

(flight and lodging not included in course pricing)

Week 8: Integration Week #2

-Integration Week


Week 9: Intentional Action

-Developing your criteria for Energy/Attention/Effort/Time

Weekly Video Coaching

-Weekly Group Coaching Call


Week 9—CELEBRATE!!!!

- Wrap Up and Moving Forward Plan

Weekly Group Call

Week 10—CELEBRATE!!!!

-Check In & Share with the Group

 -Celebrate your Wins, Insights, Growth, Plans

-Post-Course 1:1 Coaching Call

-Weekly Group Call


2 Personalized 1:1 Coaching Sessions Included (a $500 value) 

cassie gaub coach for women

“I am going to share with you all I've learned in my own journey creating clarity and ultimately a life I am super excited about! I'm going to help empower you to tap into the greatness that is

YOU, so that you can start slaying your way toward your goals, dreams and desires!”


Hell YES- I’m In!

Our next group starts soon & is limited to 12 amazing ladies.

Claim your spot below today!

Isn’t it time you stop putting yourself and your greatness off?

Let’s work together to #LevelUp your life!

Registration/Payment Options :

Option One:

Pay In Full

Discount Applied


One Time Payment

Option Two:

Payment Plan A

$500 Today

+ 5 additional monthly payments of $740

(6 Total Payments)

Option Three:

Payment Plan B

$ 250 today

+ 10 additional monthly payments of $415

(11 Total Payments)

Custom Payment Option:

If you feel this course is right for you, if you feel a stirring inside to create your next-level life— I want you to be a part of this amazing group of ladies leveling up their lives!

Don’t let money be the excuse holding you back. You are worth the investment in yourself— and, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Isn’t it time you doubled-down on yourself?

If you are ready to level up your life, I am here for and with you! Let’s chat about some ways to make this course a reality for you. Some of the ways might include: split tender, custom draft/payment dates, etc.

I am incredibly passionate about this group and know the incredible change that it can bring to you, your life and those around you! Let’s chat about how you can be a part of it.

Have questions?

Still not sure if this is the right group for you?

Contact Me


Q: When Does The Program Begin? 

A: You can check out our next course dates here. Each course runs for 9 consecutive weeks, and you’ll also schedule a personalized 1:1 60-minute coaching call to take place before the course and an additional 90 minute post course coaching call that takes place during week 10.

Q: What if I can’t make the group coaching call? 

A: All calls will be recorded and a link will be emailed to you in case you aren’t able to make it. You can also send in questions via email or in the private Facebook group in advance.   

Q: What if I don’t really know what I want…just something “different”. Is this still a good program for me? 

A: Yes! Part of growing and learning is developing and becoming! This is a perfect group for you to gain clarity and to start stepping into the unknown. You’ll have excellent support and feedback to help you through the process. Isn’t it time you made finding out what you want and truly desire a priority?   

Q: Why only 12 per group? 

A: This program is designed to dive in deep over the course of only 8 weeks. The small number of participants allows for a lot of individualization, connection, and intimate growth, which I feel is incredibly impactful and important.   

Q:  * I identify as a woman/female…can I join this group? 

A: Absolutely! This group is open to anyone who identifies as female and who feels they can benefit from this program and from a wonderful and support group of amazing ladies!