10 Week Goal Mastery Group Coaching Program

- Have you been working toward something you truly desire but it isn’t panning out? Even if you’ve tried “everything”? Even if you’re doing all the right things….

-Do you have a specific goal you want to achieve? Or maybe you have no idea…you just want things to be different…

-Ready to make a change but not exactly sure what that is or what that looks like?

Maybe you’ve read like a million self-help books, meditated and affirmed the heck out of things but not much has changed…like nada?

I get it! I’ve been there. Like most people, I found myself doing all the "right" things, following all the "rules" and was left feeling completely and utterly unsatisfied, defeated and stagnant. I became hell-bent on making changes and creating the life I wanted, and am passionate about helping other women step in to their power and claim their own greatness to do the same.  

If you are ready to start kickin’ butt and takin’ names

& ready to make massive movement toward your GOALS,

this is the course for you!

For 10 weeks, you’ll be guided and supported in your journey toward your growth and one specific goal utilizing a combination of video coaching, worksheet assignments/self study, online support, access to a supportive and private Facebook group as well as six live coaching calls. This will get the ball rolling and soon, there will be no stopping you!

What you’ll get:

·         Video Coaching

·         Customized EFT Tapping

·         Worksheet Assignments

·         Online Support

·         Access to Supportive & Private Facebook Group

·        Live Q + A Coaching Calls

The Breakdown:

Week One: Clarify & Get Started

Week Two: Time/Effort/Energy + Goals Schedule

Week Three: Fear & Excuses

Week Four: What the Funk?

Week Five: Mindset Work

Week Six: Celebrate / Check In / Clarify

Week Seven: Why Oh Why?

Week Eight : Asking for Help, Simplify + Anchor Community

Week Nine: Wind Down

Week Ten : Celebrate & Cement

Bonus: Pay In Full and receive a one hour personalized 1:1 coaching session

( a $250 value!)