13.1 Lessons

ICYMI, I’ve been training for a half marathon. At this point it’s only a few weeks away. 13.1 miles is a long way…especially after 4 knee surgeries. Especially when those knee surgeries happened on just one knee. However, one of the things I love witnessing in others and realizing/experiencing for myself is that our limits are so much farther than we realize.

And since long-distance running is a great metaphor for life, here are 13.1 lessons I’ve learned (or have been reminded of) while training for this half-marathon:

# 1. The excitement/appeal of things fades quickly…especially when things require work. That’s why you need to stay connected with your goals by staying connected with your “whys”. Why are you working toward whatever you are working toward? How is it making you better? How is it impacting your life? How is it affecting your loved ones? Etc.

# 2. Sometime things are BORING AF! You don’t get to the end of a run (or to any goal) without some of that boring repetition. The only option is to keep putting one foot in front of the other & continue forward movement. “Boring” is doing the work; “boring” gets results.

# 3. Support is crucial! In running: a solid sports bra (Shefit bras are my absolute fav!), a good pair of running shoes (I’m a Brooks Loyalist) and a comfy hydration pack (cause it is HOT here in the south. Good support gear is to running as an awesome support team is to life. Take an inventory of what - and who- you are surrounding yourself with. If you need an upgrade, by all means, upgrade. If you need to add support to your team (either with a coach, therapist, group etc.) do it.

# 4. Expect detours. Plan, but be adaptable. In running, life and in everything…adjust as needed. You never know when your planned run will be cut short due to wild dogs and police officers with what I guess must have been bear spray??? (That was quite an adventurous day to say the least.)

# 5. Always do your best…and some days your best will suck. Some days you’re killing it…. Other days you aren’t. Keep showing up for yourself.

# 6. If you’re doing it anyway, you might as well make the best of it. So cliché I know. And SO true!

# 7. It’s great to have support but you need to be your own cheerleader too. Take a minute to be proud of yourself! Give yourself all the props for all the things. I repeat, ALL THE THINGS! Every step you take toward whatever goal you have. Every time you tried something and it didn’t go as planned. Every time you showed up for yourself, put yourself out there and every win/loss etc.

# 8. Never underestimate the power of balance. You need to work and you need to rest. You know the difference. You know when you are out of balance (and when you’re slacking or pushing too hard). Honor yourself.

# 9. Just because something works for someone else … doesn’t mean it’s for you. YOU DO YOU!

# 10. You are responsible to & for you. Show up for yourself. Take ownership. If you aren’t prioritizing your goals- or time for your goals- that’s on you. No one else. Keep your commitments to yourself.

# 11. You can do amazing things. Our limits are so much farther than we think…and it’s AMAZING when we realize it.

# 12. Sometimes Sh*t happens and you’ve gotta trust yourself to navigate things on the spot ( or in my case around mile 4.5 lol)

# 13. Wanting and Deciding are not the same thing. Once you go from “wanting” to truly “deciding”, you actually “Do”. It’s that simple. Stop wishing or wanting your goals and decide you’re going to get them.

# .1 (because the extra little bit matters) Don’t forget to give Props to your people…Special shout out to the man in my life. He “hates” cardio…but he shows up EVERY WEEK for my long run. Every Freakin Week. It is always appreciated, even if I don’t always say it. And shout out to my bestie who is also on this half-marathon journey and who will be running the actual race with me. Can’t wait!

You can follow me @coachwithcassie on insta/facebook for updates about the run. P.S. I’d love to hear what’s on your workout playlist!

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