The overwhelm of limitless possibilities...

Have you ever sat down in a restaurant and opened the menu only to find it’s more of a novel than a menu? There are 947 different options for meals and it’s just too many to choose from. So you stick with a simple and comfortable option—like a chicken Caesar salad or whatever the soup of the day is.

I would so much rather have to choose from only 3 or 4 things because when the possibilities are endless—it’s overwhelming!

It’s like that in life too--there are a ton of different cars in a ton of different price ranges. There are a ton of foundations from a ton of different makeup companies. There are a ton of shampoos from a ton of different hair care companies. There are a ton of sneakers from a ton of shoe companies…

There are a ton of directions we can take our lives and a ton of different ways to go about it. Which is often why people get stuck in what I call “Stagnation Station”. Too many choices to make so no choice is made at all. And then we’re stuck with the same ol’ same ol’. Our lives become the familiar and safe Caesar salad.

Often, when I’m coaching people, they have an idea of what they want (even if the specifics aren’t worked out). The problem is they get stuck in the “how” it’s going to happen, in the ‘which is the right choice’ debacle or the “what if” conundrum and simply don’t move. At all. Or even worse, lose trust in their ability to navigate through whichever choice they make.

Fear of making the wrong choice keeps people from making any choice at all….and having endless possibilities of choice exacerbates that fear exponentially.

We live in a day and age of limitless possibilities, limitless options, limitless paths to choose from—and here’s the thing—there is no one “right choice”. No perfect decision to make…other than to make a decision and to start moving. Sticking with it, and rerouting if necessary. There is always going to be a variety of different choices to make and paths to take.

Here are a few tips if you are feeling stuck in Stagnation Station and/or have felt overwhelmed/unable to move forward:

1) Think with your end goal in mind to some extent, but don’t get wrapped up in the “how”. Details, new options and opportunities unfold as you go—that’s what keeps things fun and exciting!

2) Just take a step toward your goal—you can always change, reroute, detour etc. As you move forward, you’ll gain knowledge, experience, etc. and will be better informed how to continue toward whatever it is you want.

3) Don’t be afraid of things not going perfectly—because they probably won’t.

4) Remember, if you want things to be different, you have to do things differently—you have to make a decision

5) Stop letting your excuses/fears/insecurities/other people etc. run the show. Trust in yourself and your ability to make a choice, and navigate things moving forward. You’ll be amazed at yourself once you allow yourself to start stepping outside of your comfort zone!

6) Don’t try to do things alone. If you are wanting something you’ve never had before or ready to level up yourself/your life in a way that you’ve never experienced, it makes sense to have someone there to support you. To help you navigate the new. To help hold you accountable, to remind you of how amazing you are, how far you’ve gone and how much you’ve work you’ve done (because it’s common for us to minimize ourselves and our efforts). So seek out support, whether it’s from a trusted mentor, colleague, support community, therapist or coach. You’ll be amazed at how this amplifies things!

All Aboard! The train is leaving stagnation station and gaining momentum toward wherever you desire to go!