New Hair, Old Lessons

It’s been a little more than 6 months since I landed in (i.e. moved to) Atlanta…and while I am a self-care advocate- I am far from perfecting the consistent art of it. Part of self-care for me is doing things like getting a massage, taking a nap, reading a book, going to engaging seminars and getting my hair cut/colored.

Nothing fancy. Just a little trim here and there and some color to hide those pesky grays that keep popping up.

It’s a real thing finding a new hair stylist in a new city. Especially when my gal in San Diego was nothing short of amazing! She got me. It was easy. (shout out to Shelby @paintedmepretty). It’s also a lot of work to find someone new, and if I’m being honest, I just hadn’t taken the time to do my research, to ask for recommendations, or to even start looking for someone in my new city.

That’s when the craziness started.

My hair was in dire need of some tlc and some serious freshening up. In an impulse decision and a couple hours to spare, I went to one of those walk in places that shall remain nameless. All I was wanting was a quick trim maybe add a couple of longer layers. The stylist and I had a conversation about it. I showed a picture.

Easy Peasy right?!?

Welp. Let’s just say after the first major chop of hair I quickly realized this was not the right decision but alas it was too late. Before it could even register in my brain, there I was—with a totally different haircut.

So I practiced my distress tolerance skills and waited for the madness to end so I could pay and leave.

Trust me, this isn’t the first time (and probably won’t be the last) I’ve went into a situation and didn’t get the exact results I was hoping for. Or results even close to what I was expecting.

I bet that’s happened to you too. Maybe not with a haircut but with something.

This whole ordeal had me thinking about a client I worked with recently who had a similar “bummer” situation with someone she was going into business with…and here’s what we worked on and what I needed to remind myself of during and after sitting in that stylist’s’ chair :

1) It is important to put in the time to do our due diligence with things. We owe it to ourselves. Whether that be looking for a coach or coaching program, a business partner or a hair stylist. Find who feels like a good fit for you and who fits into your circle of integrity. Will that guarantee a perfect outcome? No. Absolutely not. But it does give you piece of mind that you gave yourself the time and effort to make your best decision.

2) Don’t let looking for a “perfect” outcome hold you hostage to the point you never actually do anything. Sometimes you can do all the research possible and not have a perfect result. Navigating those times are part of life, but not an excuse to stay stagnant.

3) So you should have “Known Better”. Welp, maybe so. But dwelling on a decision you made is a waste of your time/ effort/ energy. Acknowledge the situation and then move on.

4) It’s okay (and pretty fun) to totally laugh at yourself and your situation. Sometimes things work out in hilarious and unexpected (and sometimes disappointing ways). It’s okay to find the light in the darkness—or as I’d rather say, “Sh*t makes things grow”.

5) Whatever mess happens, there is a coming out of it and a moving beyond it. It might be a bummer. It might (er, it will) cause you to grow, learn, stretch and become who you need to become.

6) Hair grows. Relationships end. New opportunities arise. There are lessons and growth opportunities even (or especially) in the crummy outcomes. Find them.

So for now, I’m rocking a new -albeit unexpected- haircut and channeling my inner punk rocker. Oh and on the hunt for a hair stylist in Atlanta lol.

Have you ever had a situation where you didn’t get the outcome you hoped or worked for? What lesson(s) did you find? How did you move on? Let me know @coachwithcassie.

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Cassie Gaub