Done > Perfect

Done > Perfect

Last weekend we completed our first annual World Growth Coaching Summit- a “passion project” of mine since I made my coaching side gig an actual business.

ICYMI- Best U Institute’s 2019 World Growth Coaching Summit happened January 25-27th and featured some absolutely incredible guests: Brad Yates, Lola B, Jessica Yaffa, Candace Mckenzie, Cara Polis, Maria Latinville and Abbey Griffith—sharing their stories, insights, and so much more. It was an incredible experience being able to chat with and to have the opportunity to learn from them all! I know I personally had so many “ah-ha” and take-away moments and got a lot of great feedback from folks who participated.

And yet…I kept thinking about all of the imperfections of the event. You see, I dreamed up this idea long before I moved from San Diego to Atlanta and many of the recordings were happening while I was still in transition to the new place. While I was still tired from a cross country move. While I still had most of my clothes etc. packed away.

Oh and while my office set up was less than perfect and less than complete. The sound, the lighting –ugh, it all could have been better.

So why am I telling you this? Because this is exactly why I love coaching. Exactly why I personally work with coaches.

The best advice I ever got from one of the coaches I worked with – the absolutely amazing Jen Sincero- was this, “Done is better than perfect.”

I could have procrastinated and obsessed and procrastinated some more-trying to get everything perfect before I launched the summit. I could have waited for all my new office furniture to arrive, done a few ‘test’ runs with the lighting and the sound and the videos—

But then I’d still be here with the idea/dream that this event was going to happen. With the vision of giving people an opportunity to learn from some of the top experts in their field…for FREE! Instead, I am writing about the event having had happened. And it was incredible. I am reflecting on how to make it even better for next year. I am implementing new things into my life and into my coaching. I am checking something off my list and continuing to grow.

Perfectionism is paralyzing. Trust me. I’ve been there. It holds you hostage.

Yes, do the best you can but don’t hold yourself hostage for an unattainable ideal.

Done, is better than perfect.

What do you need to just do already? Where do you need to let go of perfectionism and make movement?

P.S. You can still access all of the amazing interviews for the 2019 WGCS HERE.

And, if you are wanting some coaching around limiting beliefs and behaviors (including perfectionism) check out Best U Institute’s Bust Your BS Course HERE.

Cassie Gaub