Disappointed, Frustrated & Disheartened

There I was…lying in bed, excited about my upcoming trip. I was going to a place I’d never been, to see and spend time with people I adore, care about and couldn’t wait to see. You know that feeling—like you are a kid again. It’s wonderful and exhilarating and oh-so-good.

Then, like a well-trained ninja, the flu bug made an ambush appearance and put an end to everything…

In almost an instant, all of the plans I worked so hard to make and all the effort and energy put into something I was so excited about was just gone….it was a punch, straight to the throat.

At first, I was upset and exhausted…then angry (let’s be real, probably swearing) and all emotions in between. A lot goes into planning a trip. I’d re-arranged my schedule, re-booked my clients, coordinated plans with everyone, and made sure the dog had extra food and an adequate amount of her medications. Then there was confirming and booking the dog sitter, booking flights and hotels and cars. And the fact that I’d pre-paid (i.e. non-refundable) for some of those things because it seemed “fiscally responsible”, left me in even more bitter frustration.

There I was, out a trip, out that time/effort/energy/money and left feeling disappointed, frustrated and completely disheartened.

This is one of those defining, or ‘a-ha’ moments.

You see, when expectations aren’t met, it’s all of those things (disappointing, frustrating and disheartening). That’s why unmet expectations have the ability to completely derail you, your momentum and your success.

And no, I’m not going to tell you not to have expectations. That’s impossible. Plus, it would take the fun out of every exciting and hopeful start to anything. Expectations are normal and natural.

Having expectations isn’t the problem; not being able to manage them is.

After I threw a little fit and felt sorry for myself, I realized I still wanted to see and spend time with those people. I still wanted to go to this place I’d never been.

So what then?

Well, I needed to be able to address and work through the bummer that is not having your expectations met…and move the F on.

The thing is, this wasn’t the first time something like this has happened to me. I’ve had my expectations not met many times. I wasn’t new to the crummy feelings of a let-down. Neither were my clients. Everyone I’ve ever known and worked with knows what that’s like…and knows that having expectations (either conscious or unconscious) is part of what got them excited and hopeful about things in the first place. We all know (either in the moment or in hindsight) that when your expectations aren’t met, it’s powerful and what you do moving forward is critical.
How you manage unmet expectations can be the key thing in keeping you on track…moving toward whatever it is you want.

Yes, I ended up getting my trip rebooked and you know what? It actually ended up working out so much better!

Out of this experience and the experience of my clients was born our 12 Simple Steps to Keep Your Unmet Expectations in Check Workbook—which you can download for free at http://bit.ly/12simplesteps. 

Being able to manage unmet expectations is such a big deal, it’s actually part of a specifically designed module in the 6 Week Bust Your B.S. DIY Coaching Program offered through Best U Institute (www.bestuinstitute.com).

Because, again, the key isn’t in not having expectations—it’s in your ability to manage things when those expectations aren’t met.


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