Why Not Being Clear Is Keeping You Stuck… And 3 Tips To Move You Toward Success!

In this day and age, we are constantly being bombarded with messages of what it means to be successful. Everywhere from social media platforms, to television, podcasts even that pesky sign at the gym tell us what success “should” mean. Because of the vast exposure to all of these different messages, it is now, more important than ever, for you to define what success means to and for you. After all, success is individual to each and every person. 

Defining success for yourself is important for a variety of reasons. First, if you don’t know where you are going, you’re not going anywhere. Gaining an understanding of what success means for you, ultimately gives you a clear direction and a purpose. We all need a purpose, otherwise it’s hard to stay excited about, moving or growing toward anything other than stagnation.

It’s also important to distinguish your definition of success so that you aren’t postponing yourself (or your desired life). Often when people aren’t aware of what it is they want, they inadvertently hold themselves hostage by constantly prioritizing and putting others first. It is important for us to support each other, after all we’re all in this together, but doing so at the expense of yourself is of no benefit to you or anyone around you. If you aren’t clear about what success or what a satisfied life means for you, it’s easy to fall into the trap of constantly putting yourself on hold.

Defining success for yourself, on your own terms is brave. It is bold. It takes courage. Establishing clarity about your personal desires, goals, dreams and definition of success is important for you and it gives those around you the permission to do the same for themselves. By you claiming and identifying success for yourself, you ultimately empower others to do the same.
Now that you’ve gotten clear on what success means to you, how do you start making movement toward your goals/dreams and desires? Below are three quick tips to get your momentum started:

1) Give yourself permission to want (and to have) whatever success means for you. This is a basic key step that people often miss. It’s okay for you to want what you want and it is imperative you give yourself permission to have those things. Even if you don’t know anyone who has what you want. Even if people (including yourself) have tried to justify why you can’t achieve or have certain things. You must allow yourself to accept, embrace and achieve your goals/dreams/desires and successes.

2) Connect with your “Whys” or your reasons for wanting what you want. Creating and nurturing an emotional connection to your definition of success will help to keep you focused, motivated and tenacious on your journey toward your goals and dreams. 

3) Allow yourself to be flexible on your journey. Life is never going to go exactly how you planned-or hoped- so embracing imperfections, new growth opportunities and detours along the way will help rocket you to your best life.

Giving definition to success for yourself provides clarity, gives you direction and purpose. Clarity is key for growth and movement and does not allow you to be or stay stuck; rather, it sets you up to achieve all that you desire. 
~ Cassie


Cassie Gaub