Waiting... is the hardest part

Waiting…it’s the worst right?!?

Sometimes when things get going, they don’t necessarily move as quickly as you’d hoped. Or, usually in my case, nearly as quickly as you’d like.
“The waiting is the hardest part.” – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

In order to make things happen (whatever they are: starting a new business, finding a new relationship, getting a new car/house or just reaching any of your goals) you have to make the all-in, go for broke, ain’t takin’ no for an answer decision. Deciding moves you from wanting to working -- ultimately, making things happen--no matter how slowly.

Step one is deciding. It’s crucial. Most people simply “want” something (a relationship, a new job, a new car/house, to travel or to hike a mountain, etc.) but they never really say to themselves, “this is what I want and I have decided to make it happen. Period.”

When you truly make a decision, you commit to it. You’re all in. Without that level of decision, you’re going to quit before you reach your goal. You’re going to get discouraged when the going gets tough, or possibly (which has been my case on more than one occasion), when things aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like.

And yes, I would agree, waiting is in fact the hardest part.

Step 1) Get Clear: on what you want.
Step 2) Know: you are worthy and deserving of having those things.
Step 3) Decide: commit yourself to working toward those things.
Step 4) Wait if you have to -- but don’t wait to start.
Step 5) Remind yourself why this goal or thing is important to you
Step 6) Wait, work and wait some more.
Step 7) Let go of your timeline and try to embrace all of the other things you are learning and experiencing during the waiting period.

Waiting might be the hardest part, but giving up on something simply because of impatience is not going to get you any closer to the things you desire-or any closer to becoming the person you desire to be.