Meet Cassie Gaub


Hi, I’m Cassie-- a transformation, empowerment and mindset coach + PSYCH-K® facilitator. I believe passionately that we can all totally slay this thing called life. Most importantly, I believe that you can do amazing things!

In all honesty, I’m just an ordinary girl living a pretty extraordinary life…but it wasn’t always that way. Like most people, I found myself doing all the "right" things, following all the "rules" and was left feeling completely and utterly unsatisfied, defeated and stagnant.  

I became hell-bent on making changes and creating the life I wanted, and am passionate about helping others step in to their power and claim their own greatness to do the same.  

And if I can do this, trust me-- YOU CAN absolutely have the life, successes and dreams you desire.

If you are:

-working as a healer or helper (therapist, counselor, coach, massage therapist, spiritual guide etc.)

-going through a life change/transition

-working toward a specific goal, or unsure of exactly what you are working toward

-starting or growing a business

-looking (and ready) to increase your income + ready to charge and accept your worth for your services

-ready for in-depth/no-nonsense personal growth

- or simply ready to move beyond stagnation

I’m here for and with you! Ready to #LevelUpYourLife?

In addition to coaching, I also offer PSYCH-K® sessions through Best U Institute (learn more here).

I am also an EFT practitioner, and a community partner/Vice Presdient for the Atlanta Chapter of Tap Into Community (learn more here)